Active volcano in Mexico added to list

Four flights close to Popacatapetl this week travelling around Mexico.  The visitor centre between it and sister volcano (but dormant) Iztaccihuatl closed because of volcanic activity.  But going to try to get close at end of week when in Mexico CityPopacatapetl active red

May is brilliant at Wednesday’s PMQs

Theresa May lifted spirits at PMQs on Wednesday answering every question in detail and with tremendous energy. She left Corbyn and his dinosaurs floundering in her wake. How she did this after the week she has had I don’t know – but thank God she is where she is. There isn’t another MP who gets anywhere near her.

Surprise volcano

Knowing I have a thing about erupting volcanos – son in law Charlie rang last Sunday to say a volcano programme was just starting on BBC 2.  And it wasn’t just any old volcano but Nyiragongo on the Rwanda DRC border which plays a big part in the Red Nile my next book.  I’d recently described flying over its lava lake – one of only six on the planet.  So many thanks Charlie – I’ll be watching part two next Sunday.   That’s if I haven’t nipped off to Bali to have a shufty at that little number.

Nyiragongo low res


Black and white only Kindle problem on Spectacular Nepal solved by Tissue Trail fan

After finding that colour supplement “Spectacular Nepal” only came through on Kindle in black and white Tissue Trail fan Michael Bailey (ex Glaxo MD) solved the problem loading it onto his IPad with brilliant results.  If you need help with this I am the wrong guy – but I know three digital daughters who can.1the worlds most beautiful mountain Fishtail good shot of KG gorge 1  Two photographs from Spectacular Nepal colour supplement